Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fra Lawrence Lew

Dominican Brother Lawrence Lew is a source of inspiration. Located at Blackfriars, he has managed to photograph many of the most beautiful churches and chapels in England, and during his travels has also photographed Rome, Lourdes, and other centers of Catholic faith and culture. His photography is on Flickr here.

As well as being a gifted photographer, Br. Lawrence also writes for The New Liturgical Movement.

I first used one of Br. Lawrence's photos for the cover of Faith and the Future.

With the new book, Handbook of Catholic Apologetics, the powers that be wanted a cover that illustrated a variety of concepts. After pondering for a while and creating a few mockups, I decided to revisit the rich trove of stained-glass images that Br. Lawrence had on Flickr. From there, everything fell into place.

The final cover is matte with spot-gloss on the images and lettering.